Sunday, September 7, 2008

yey ateneo!

in a rare burst of school spirit, i watched the ateneo-la salle game yesterday over at boipren's house. i was psyching myself up not to expect them to win despite the lead because as with my past experiences, they have a tendency to lose in the end. but i was secretly cheering them on and was as ecstatic as the next atenean when they won. on a side note, it was only yesterday that i found out about the chris tiu mania, yes, i am that out of touch. i was laughing when boipren showed me this article about the fans who call themselves "iglesia ni chris tiu".
earlier during the day, i went to divi with cindy and michelle and i managed to buy some trinkets for my scrapbooking. i was a bit overwhelmed though because they the items by hundreds, i am a hoarder but i don't need that much. cindy was suggesting i sell some of the stuff over ebay. i was disappointed though when it rained because we didn't get to go to ilaya and tabora. maybe next time. after lunch in moa, boipren picked me up so we can pass by the wedding fair in picc. we managed to get some stuff to help us get started while i already have some ideas for the souvenirs, invitations and my gown. not bad for someone who's half-convinced about the big wedding shindig. now if only i could translate my scrapbook energies to our wedding preparations.
also, it's my sister's birthday today, she's 21. can you believe how fast time flies?
lastly, i will be flying to japan this afternoon, thank God i got my visa and even more so, for having the good sense to replace my passport last month. it was such an exhausting and frustrating experience but it was all well worth it. i am not yet done with my packing and i've been trying to keep all my things in one bag so i can save the room in the extra bag for pasalubong. boipren was telling me i bring too much stuff and i have to learn to pack light. despite my nth attempt at closing my pretty but utterly impractical pink suitcase, it still refuses to close properly. i have removed some redundant clothing items but i absolutely, staunchly refused to take out the scrapbook stuff i packed with me. yes, i know where my priorities lie. in the end, boipren took pity and offered to lend me his suitcase. i just hope i can manage to pull it while running halfway across osaka airport.
before i go, here is an lo i finished yesterday about the hebron girls which was taken while we were boarding a plane to palawan. have a great week ahead everyone. :)


Ch said...

I love your page Jeanie!! Love the pink. Ganda niya. Hehehe. Submit mo! Baka mapublish ;)

AND YES! GO ATENEO!!! I was glued to the TV too. Hehe grabe yung Chris Tiu mania no!! He's a good friend of mine kaya we never stop teasing him about fangirls and his showbizness hahaha! Crossing my fingers for the rest of the season! You can never tell with the team eh. Sana sana!

tnapay said...

hi jeanie. :) thanks for dropping by and leaving a very nice note too. ganda page mo. i like it a lot (sarap sa mata ng mga kulay) kind of colors. :-D

Benga said...

another lovely page! have a safe trip and eventhough it's work, have time for fun!