Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i'm still here

if i've been quiet for these past few days, it's because i've been busy with a lot of things - work, wedding preps and getting over a sickness. boipren and i managed to set up camp here and here too. the first one is mainly for stories and the latter is for pictures. if you're not too busy, i hope you can check it out or link us up if you want. be prepared for major cheese overload though. boipren has been really helpful with setting up the site, sometimes i think he's mushier than i am.

i've been playing with the colors of the site to mimic our motif. i still don't know how to pull off a pink and blue motif without nuances of a.) mmda b.) js prom c.) baby shower. if you have any suggestions, it would be much appreciated. :)

i've also been able to upload my pictures from my japan trip - rokko island/kobe, takasaki and tokyo. these are less pictures than i would've wanted but it was an exhausting trip but i told myself i had to take pictures i can scrap. hehe. this is my favorite picture which was taken during the 2nd-day, pre-amazing race stress.

i think the bug that should've caught me because of the japan hoopla finally caught up with me last sunday. i woke up with my entire body aching, a high fever and a few chills. boipren was a real lifesaver, he came over as soon as he heard and brought me food to eat. he was really worried, more than me. i am a bit arrogant about my immune system. i still think that despite my frame, i am quite resillient. he brought medicine for me, made sure i had a cold compress on my feverish head and would stick his hand on my head to check if my fever went down. isn't he the sweetest?
needless to say i was disappointed because i was hoping to get in some scrapping time. instead, i spent the whoel day sleeping. oh well, maybe this weekend and next wednesday. i managed to finish one lo yesterday but i decided to redo a portion i was not happy with. i will post pictures as soon as i finish it. that's about it for me. have a great week ahead everyone. :)
penguins are everywhere in japan..

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