Wednesday, September 3, 2008

before i go mia

i might be flying to japan on sunday for work. here's hoping i get my visa in time. but before i go, here is my take on the iim challenge 6 to create an lo inspired by jewelry. this is the bracelet i got a couple of years back. i like the colors and i tried to use the same combination in my lo (pink, green, blue and yellow). this is the first lo i did about the hebron girls which was taken during our trip to palawan last july (thank you cebu pacific piso fare). now that joc is back, maybe it's time for another trip before she goes back to japan?

i might be busy for the next few months because i am working on this new project at work. i would resent the time it would take me away from scrapbooking but i am actually looking forward to it because i will be learning a lot and i will be stretched beyond my limit. or i am just a masochist. i am thinking of actually bringing some of my scrap stuff with me so i can work on some lo's at night. scrapping in a hotel is a dream come true - imagine being able to make all that mess without having to worry about cleaning up? if you're going on a trip, what are the must-have scrapbook supplies to take with you so i won't be carrying all my stuff but not feel too constrained because i didn't bring the things i need? and i finally got the crop-a-dile. can't wait to try it out tomorrow. that's it. enjoy the rest of the week.

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