Sunday, September 28, 2008

more mojo

i seriously can't get enough of the creativity in etsy...and they're bound to be one-of-a-kind, unique stuff...ooh stop me...

etsy goodness

i need my scrapping mojo back!for some reason, i can't seem to get myself to scrap. anyway, to get my mojo going, i was looking at etsy for some inspiration. hope this can get me started. :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

so this is our year

this post is two days too late but i am just watching game 2 and despite my general apathy about the ateneo-lasalle rivalry and uaap basketball in general, i must say i am proud of them. there will be a mass in gesu and bonfire in bellarmine on tuesday. so in case you want to join (naks, feeling akin yung celebration diba?)in the thanksgiving of the ateneo community, you might want to drop by. i'm off scrapping today. hopefully i can finish some los. have a great weekend ahead everyone.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i'm still here

if i've been quiet for these past few days, it's because i've been busy with a lot of things - work, wedding preps and getting over a sickness. boipren and i managed to set up camp here and here too. the first one is mainly for stories and the latter is for pictures. if you're not too busy, i hope you can check it out or link us up if you want. be prepared for major cheese overload though. boipren has been really helpful with setting up the site, sometimes i think he's mushier than i am.

i've been playing with the colors of the site to mimic our motif. i still don't know how to pull off a pink and blue motif without nuances of a.) mmda b.) js prom c.) baby shower. if you have any suggestions, it would be much appreciated. :)

i've also been able to upload my pictures from my japan trip - rokko island/kobe, takasaki and tokyo. these are less pictures than i would've wanted but it was an exhausting trip but i told myself i had to take pictures i can scrap. hehe. this is my favorite picture which was taken during the 2nd-day, pre-amazing race stress.

i think the bug that should've caught me because of the japan hoopla finally caught up with me last sunday. i woke up with my entire body aching, a high fever and a few chills. boipren was a real lifesaver, he came over as soon as he heard and brought me food to eat. he was really worried, more than me. i am a bit arrogant about my immune system. i still think that despite my frame, i am quite resillient. he brought medicine for me, made sure i had a cold compress on my feverish head and would stick his hand on my head to check if my fever went down. isn't he the sweetest?
needless to say i was disappointed because i was hoping to get in some scrapping time. instead, i spent the whoel day sleeping. oh well, maybe this weekend and next wednesday. i managed to finish one lo yesterday but i decided to redo a portion i was not happy with. i will post pictures as soon as i finish it. that's about it for me. have a great week ahead everyone. :)
penguins are everywhere in japan..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

i'm back!

yes, i've been back for almost a week but i've been too tired these past few days that after dinner, i just fall asleep. i don't know if delicious is a proper adjective for sleep but if it is, sleep this past few days has been of chicken-adobo delicious level, so good that i have not been able to scrap. and people who know me know i'd rather scrap than sleep 95% of the time.

i took a couple of pictures from japan which i promise to upload soon. people ask me how the trip was and i would always say, "like amazing race japan, 4 cities in 5 days." and it felt like amazing race for me, lugging my 20-kg luggage (mental note: that is why you must pack light) around 5 stations. at one point, the japanese boss must've taken pity on me and helped me drag my luggage to the hotel after seeing my feeble rain-soaked attempt to pull it. although i must say i saw more of japan this time around as i got to drop by rokko island, akashi, takasaki and tokyo. i don't know when i'll be back but hopefully next time will not be as exhausting. i did manage to get some scrapbook stuff - a couple of oa-ish appliques, multi-colored washi tapes and matrioshka stamps. i will be off to batangas tomorrow for our company offsite and boipren and i might check out some venues for the wedding on saturday.

less than a week afetr being home, i have managed to make up for lost scrapping time with shopping. on tuesday, i purchased the mm passport stamp and some k&co papers from memory lane store. yesterday, i dropped by lasting impression to get the heather bailey stamp and a couple of papers from sassafras, scenic route and making memories. today, i got three of the scrapbook trends books i ordered from ebay. i am still waiting for my september sc kit, ebay pruchase #2 (an oa stamp, heather bailey buttons and maya road tutti fruity trinkets) as well as my prize from designx. i was a bit envious when i saw that yoyin got her prize already. i am beginning to suspect that there is something wrong with our post office.

lastly, thanks to tna for the awards below. :)

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i think the awards have pretty much gone around but if it hasn't gotten to you, please consider yourself a nominee. i am overwhelmed daily by all the amazing talent i see over the internet.

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again, if you're reading this and you haven't been nominated yet, please consider yourself nominated. have a great weekend ahead everyone.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

yey ateneo!

in a rare burst of school spirit, i watched the ateneo-la salle game yesterday over at boipren's house. i was psyching myself up not to expect them to win despite the lead because as with my past experiences, they have a tendency to lose in the end. but i was secretly cheering them on and was as ecstatic as the next atenean when they won. on a side note, it was only yesterday that i found out about the chris tiu mania, yes, i am that out of touch. i was laughing when boipren showed me this article about the fans who call themselves "iglesia ni chris tiu".
earlier during the day, i went to divi with cindy and michelle and i managed to buy some trinkets for my scrapbooking. i was a bit overwhelmed though because they the items by hundreds, i am a hoarder but i don't need that much. cindy was suggesting i sell some of the stuff over ebay. i was disappointed though when it rained because we didn't get to go to ilaya and tabora. maybe next time. after lunch in moa, boipren picked me up so we can pass by the wedding fair in picc. we managed to get some stuff to help us get started while i already have some ideas for the souvenirs, invitations and my gown. not bad for someone who's half-convinced about the big wedding shindig. now if only i could translate my scrapbook energies to our wedding preparations.
also, it's my sister's birthday today, she's 21. can you believe how fast time flies?
lastly, i will be flying to japan this afternoon, thank God i got my visa and even more so, for having the good sense to replace my passport last month. it was such an exhausting and frustrating experience but it was all well worth it. i am not yet done with my packing and i've been trying to keep all my things in one bag so i can save the room in the extra bag for pasalubong. boipren was telling me i bring too much stuff and i have to learn to pack light. despite my nth attempt at closing my pretty but utterly impractical pink suitcase, it still refuses to close properly. i have removed some redundant clothing items but i absolutely, staunchly refused to take out the scrapbook stuff i packed with me. yes, i know where my priorities lie. in the end, boipren took pity and offered to lend me his suitcase. i just hope i can manage to pull it while running halfway across osaka airport.
before i go, here is an lo i finished yesterday about the hebron girls which was taken while we were boarding a plane to palawan. have a great week ahead everyone. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

before i go mia

i might be flying to japan on sunday for work. here's hoping i get my visa in time. but before i go, here is my take on the iim challenge 6 to create an lo inspired by jewelry. this is the bracelet i got a couple of years back. i like the colors and i tried to use the same combination in my lo (pink, green, blue and yellow). this is the first lo i did about the hebron girls which was taken during our trip to palawan last july (thank you cebu pacific piso fare). now that joc is back, maybe it's time for another trip before she goes back to japan?

i might be busy for the next few months because i am working on this new project at work. i would resent the time it would take me away from scrapbooking but i am actually looking forward to it because i will be learning a lot and i will be stretched beyond my limit. or i am just a masochist. i am thinking of actually bringing some of my scrap stuff with me so i can work on some lo's at night. scrapping in a hotel is a dream come true - imagine being able to make all that mess without having to worry about cleaning up? if you're going on a trip, what are the must-have scrapbook supplies to take with you so i won't be carrying all my stuff but not feel too constrained because i didn't bring the things i need? and i finally got the crop-a-dile. can't wait to try it out tomorrow. that's it. enjoy the rest of the week.

Monday, September 1, 2008

belated haberdei diane!

diane is hosting a birthday rak over at her blog. it's so easy, all we to do is to put all her blogs in our posts. sounds easy right? so what are you waiting for, come and join in the fun. :)

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