Thursday, December 30, 2010

one last layout

...before the new year ends. this is a layout for sketchy thursday's secret sketch challenge. off to a friend's wedding. in case i don't get to post before the year ends, i hope this year is something you are grateful for and looking forward to a better year and a better us ahead. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

crate paper restoration + bird mini + flowers = love

i guess it's no secret that i love birds, birdcages, flowers, feminine colors and lately, min-albums. i guess it is a surprise that i wanted this long before i completed a project revolving around these elements. i guess i and my maya road bird album were just waiting for the right papers (i love crate paper's restoration line), pretty flowers (i had a huge haul from bangkok) and my scrapping mojo. i have not yet decided what to do with this, maybe a book of quotes or maybe another mini for hubby and me. anyway, hope your week is off to a great start.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

and then there was a layout

after a long hiatus from scrapbook pages, i have finally created a layout for creative scrappers sketch 128. the break must've done me good because i am playing with a new color scheme i don't usually work with. no hint of pink, green or blue, my usual colors! anyway, i have a headache that ruined our dinner and possibly my plans to scrap tonight. oh well, i will probably sleep early tonight. have a great week ahead everyone.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

but wait's there more

i told you i've been busy. i got this from our last trip to singapore. my friend who's also into crafts got a couple of the bigger stands to put pictures. i got both the stand and canvas plus a couple of metallic paints. love the colors, i think i'm gonna get more. i wanted to feature different themes for each canvas and play with colors. let me know what you think. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

when it rains, there might be a storm

there's a storm heading our way and the cool weather brought by the rains makes me want to snuggle under the covers and stay in bed the entire day. but alas there's work to be done before i take my break in a couple of days. as promised, i am sharing more of the projects i completed.
this is from an art tray class by one of my scrapping idols iris uy a few months back. i finally got to finish it two months ago when we moved in to the new place. i wanted to have something i made to use as a decoration for the house. so what do you think? 
anyway, if you're in manila, stay safe. will be back tomorrow to share more projects.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

remiss but not idle

i know i haven't been updating this blog for a while. i started another blog but couldn't seem to write much except about crafting. perhaps it's my paranoia about sharing too much personal information. but i haven't been idle, i've been working on several projects, mostly mini-albums and altered projects. i seem to be stumped when faced with a scrapbook page so i decided to take a break and work on these projects. anyway, here's the first of my project, our first wedding mini-album. let me know what you think. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

tim holtz goodness

stacy has an amazing giveaway here. :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

would you believe it if i told you

that i made the organza ribbon below in less than 5 minutes in starbucks? that the picture below was taken in starbucks using my iphone? that the organza ribbon was part of the bouquet hubby gave me for my birthday? the sweltering sunday heat forcibly evicted us from the house. but i was feeling mighty crafty (after a weekend shopping spree courtesy of hubby) and i was itching to do something, to create something and i guess this was my outlet. i made seven more, in various colors. i think i will be making more of these. back to enjoying the last season of lost. have a great week ahead everyone.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

who loves unity?

i do! for a chance to win, check out cj's blog here. off to sleep. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the early bird

gets to blog first? my body clock is messed up and i can't seem to get a proper night's sleep. i have to be early though to process some papers for a possible work trip abroad early next month. here's crossing my fingers that i get to complete the documents.
anyway, remember the class with my idol iris babao uy i told you about here? as promised, here are the layouts we were supposed to complete. i managed to finish less than half during the actual class and had to work on finishing the rest at home. i had so much fun in this class and i learned a lot of new techniques.
i can't wait for the next class this saturday. if you have a chance to take iris' class, i would strongly recommend it as aside from all the fantastic projects, iris is a wonderful teacher.
that's all for me, i have to start getting ready, it's a busy day ahead.

the good, the bad and some scrappy

just a quick one as it is kinda late. i have been mia for the last week as i was studying for a certification exam. and after 3 weeks of training, a week of downing cups of coffee and being a fixture in coffee shops with my heavy books, i passed!hubby has been supportive as always - keeping me company, pacifying me when i have bouts of anxiety attacks and generally making me laugh when i felt like hurling my books. i have the best husband.
the downside to this week was that my phone was stolen in our office. i left it on my desk while i went to lunch like i always do and someone swiped it. i was so upset because it was a gift from hubby. lesson learned.
i hate to end on a bad note so i will just talk a bit of my scrapping. during the week of the exam it took a lot of self-control for me not to scrap so i can focus on studying. so when the exam i planned to go on a scrapping frenzy. but alas, i had to work over the weekend. but i tried to get some scrapping time in between lulls. these are two lo's i finished over the weekend.
the first one is for sketchy thursday's gdt challenge. i love love love how everything turned out and the colors are close to our wedding motif.
the second one is for my mind's eye challenge #11:anything goes. i love this line and was loathe to cut it but i had to remind myself to use up my stuff.
anyway, it is getting late. i need to get some zzz's.

sketchy thursday's gdt challenge

Monday, May 10, 2010

just a quick one

to share a giveaway then i have to go back to studying. to find out how to win, check it our here. i want to scrap badly.

Monday, May 3, 2010

celebrate good times

i will be keeping the post brief. just sharing an lo for the cocoa daisy spring crop. i will be sharing pictures of my los from iris' class. off to have a quick nap.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

who wants to win a cricut?

i do! you could win too. check out how here.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

too early

hubby wasn't too pleased when i woke him up really early so i could take pictures of my lo's. but it's (inter)national scrapbooking day so i should get a free pass right? as soon as i am done i have to start preparing for my prima class with none other than iris babao uy.
anyway, before i dash, here are two lo's i created for creative scrappers sketch # 100 and creative scrappers sketch # 101. i managed to complete all 5 sketches for this month!
i actually cheated with the first lo as i "redid" it after i said i was done with it. i changed the journaling spot and added more embellishments. i told you i couldn't keep it simple.
for the second lo, i made the flowers i used from tissue paper. the orange flower was actually white but i sprayed it with glimmer mist. then i coated all flowers with opal dust. they're actually very sparkly and pretty.
enough chatter for me, i still have a long to-do list. enjoy the weekend everyone.

Friday, April 30, 2010

girl friday

it's friday! the weekend is almost here. i just have 3 hours of work left to do and i am done! monday has been declared a holiday here in manila but i am in training and our instructor from india decided to stick with the original schedule as he is scheduled to leave next saturday.

anyway, this is my take for creative scrappers sketch # 98, one of the outputs of my creative weekend. this is not my usual color scheme, i just wanted to try it out. the orange and purple combination is a favorite of one of my friends in the picture. i rarely but orange and purple pares unless they come in a kit or in some sort of set.
i've also been trying to use up my old stuff as i am plagued with guilt over my still unused recent purchases. the papers are old mme papers from the tres jolie line. classic line don't you think so? when i started out with this, i thought the page would really be simple so i started putting in a bit of flowers, a chipboard, some stickers and before you knew it, it wasn't so simple anymore! i guess i can't make clean and simple pages. i always seem to be itching to add something new.
finally, the picture was taken back in december 2008 from a friend's wedding in pampanga, she and her husband have migrated to australia last february.
i think i have said too much. back to work for me. the sooner i finish my tasks, the earlier i can start with my weekend.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

seeing butterflies

i remember seeing this quote somewhere, "if nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies." i've always had a difficult time adjusting to changes no matter how small. if i don't find something where i last placed them, it disturbs me to say the least and can potentially put me off the rest of the day. but i am working on embracing change, learning to adapt allowing myself to be more open to new possibilities.
anyway, i get all these from a butterfly. i am loving the martha stewart butterfly punch, the dress form stamp from girls paperie and the doily stamp from oa. and the letterbox line from ac? i love it.
perfect elements for my entry for creative scrappers sketch #98. this is an old picture taken when we were scouting for a venue for the wedding. hope you like it. off to churn out another lo. halfway through the week, i can't wait for the weekend.

Monday, April 26, 2010

splendid is a state of mind

...and so is everything else. from the 7 habits seminar i attended a few years back, our instructor told us that we make our own weather. but the heat has been getting too intense to ignore.
i suspect that this heat has finally gotten to me and is causing me to have these headaches. it started yesterday around lunch but i dismissed it thinking i was just hungry. but even after eating, the headache persisted even until the movie. hubby and i went to watch kick-ass but i slept through about a quarter of it because the pain was unbearable. when we got home, i decided to take a nap and guess what? i woke up the next day!
up until this morning, my head was aching - yes i think i should go see a doctor. i found some advil in my purse and after about half an hour, the pain was gone.
i am a firm believer that pain makes one stronger and any sickness you have just develops your immune system. so i put off taking medicines unless i absolutely have to.
anyway, i am rambling when all i wanted to say was i have an lo i finished two weeks ago. i managed to complete 3 lo's + half of an album during the weekend so i am really thankful for all the creative energy i seem to be having (must be the heat?).
this lo is for creative scrappers' sketch #87. anyway, off to bed, i have an early day tomorrow. have a great week ahead everyone.

Friday, April 16, 2010

another one

i found out yesterday i won scrap inspire create's march sing me a song challenge. you can view the announcement here. this was such an unexpected but very welcome news. needless to say, i was so happy when i saw the announcement.
i am sharing one more lo i created for scrappersatsg challenge #32: alice in wonderland challenge. it took me a week to complete this - from cutting the papers, misting, painting, waiting for the mediums to dry, putting things in and taking them out. i love the layered look, i might try out one more this weekend. one of the members of scrappersatsg is celebrating here blogoversary. why don't you drop by here and give marix some love?
anyway, back to work for me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

second chances

how could anyone resist these stamps? i want to get my hands on them so badly and i've been itching to get some scrapping done so it all works out for me. stressful week so far and i am looking forward to the weekend. take care everyone.

Monday, March 29, 2010

not just my imagination

...i did say i finished one more lo i needed to take a picture of. did i mention that i used mostly scraps for this except for the bas cardstock? and that i finished this in less than 3 hours? hoping the mojo doesn't run out. off to work for me.