Thursday, September 18, 2008

i'm back!

yes, i've been back for almost a week but i've been too tired these past few days that after dinner, i just fall asleep. i don't know if delicious is a proper adjective for sleep but if it is, sleep this past few days has been of chicken-adobo delicious level, so good that i have not been able to scrap. and people who know me know i'd rather scrap than sleep 95% of the time.

i took a couple of pictures from japan which i promise to upload soon. people ask me how the trip was and i would always say, "like amazing race japan, 4 cities in 5 days." and it felt like amazing race for me, lugging my 20-kg luggage (mental note: that is why you must pack light) around 5 stations. at one point, the japanese boss must've taken pity on me and helped me drag my luggage to the hotel after seeing my feeble rain-soaked attempt to pull it. although i must say i saw more of japan this time around as i got to drop by rokko island, akashi, takasaki and tokyo. i don't know when i'll be back but hopefully next time will not be as exhausting. i did manage to get some scrapbook stuff - a couple of oa-ish appliques, multi-colored washi tapes and matrioshka stamps. i will be off to batangas tomorrow for our company offsite and boipren and i might check out some venues for the wedding on saturday.

less than a week afetr being home, i have managed to make up for lost scrapping time with shopping. on tuesday, i purchased the mm passport stamp and some k&co papers from memory lane store. yesterday, i dropped by lasting impression to get the heather bailey stamp and a couple of papers from sassafras, scenic route and making memories. today, i got three of the scrapbook trends books i ordered from ebay. i am still waiting for my september sc kit, ebay pruchase #2 (an oa stamp, heather bailey buttons and maya road tutti fruity trinkets) as well as my prize from designx. i was a bit envious when i saw that yoyin got her prize already. i am beginning to suspect that there is something wrong with our post office.

lastly, thanks to tna for the awards below. :)

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Benga said...

WOW as in WOW para kang c superwoman with all your errands! hehehe Glad to know you're back safely and well rested. Take care!

tnapay said...

welcome back and hope to see you productive again (scrapping wise)...and well wishes with your upcoming wedding...balitaan mo ang lahat ha... :-D