Sunday, June 29, 2008

broke but happy

after months of lurking at the studio calico site, i finally ordered my first kit. i got the main kit for july, via airmail and two add-on kits, venice and stockholm. i was also thinking of getting tokyo but i stopped myself and closed the browser. i will be broke next month but don't you think these beauties are worth it? i just hope it won't go through the post office. i'm worried they might have additional custom charges. anyone have a suggestion how to get past this?

last week, after checking my mailbox almost everyday and pestering the lobby guard, the paper lot i won from ebay finalyy arrived. i actually woke up early to pick up the package from the post office. there were some duplicate sheets, some designs i didn't like and were old. but all in all, it was good mix of papers and i think it was a good buy - almost 75% less than the cost of papers here.

and as if that wasn't enough, i got 3 scrapbook magazines in booksale in moa for a 100 bucks each. these are 2-3 months old so i think i got a good deal. then, the other day, i got a black notebook (i don't have any idea what to do with it yet) and some pastel gel pens from this new store in megamall. ooh, this should stop.

beverly todd is having a countdwon for forty days until her 40th birthday celebration. and for the next 40 days, she will be having some fun games and giveaways. you might want to join in the celebration here.
finally, i came from church today and heard a wonderful sermon. our pastor shared an email encouraging one woman who was discouraged at work. anyway, one of the lines that struck me was about how we have been given shoulders and burdens. we should be praying not for lighter burdens but stronger shoulders. have a great week ahead everyone.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

injured and a new fan club

yesterday, i sustained a horrible wound on my right leg while walking near shang. i actually didn't notice that the wound was so big at first, i just felt a persistent stinging sensation. when a looked down, that's when i realized that it actually ran an entire 3-inch length. i told boipren it was no big deal but he insisted on taking me to the hospital to get it treated. we rushed to the nearest mercury drugstore where he bought some stuff to dress my wound. it was sweet actually, but i felt too queasy about the blood that i wanted to vomit. so after four hours, boipren running around the ortigas business district to buy the medicines and 3 injections later (i felt like a pin cushion afterwards), i was safe from tetanus for 20 months. 2 more shots in the next 2 months will make me immune for the next 5 years according to the doctor.
anyway, while we were looking at appliances yesterday, i caught a video they were showing in one of the tv's on display. i was so taken by the penguin that i googled him and with the power of technology, i am now a pororo convert. he is so adorable, 100% korean and totally unintelligible to me but i love him. :)i am getting my order of 300 pieces of paper tomorrow from the post office, i am so excited. night. :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

after the storm

i woke up today with the wind howling outside and the raindrops pelting on my window. i thought it would be a perfect day to stay under the covers, pig out and have a series marathon. that is until i find out that there was a brownout which was confirmed after a phone call to the lobby guard who tells me that they don't know what time the power would be back. great. so i go back to sleep but only for a few more hours and i wake up, hungry but with nothing but junk food in my cupboard, the rain was getting harder and no one was delivering. i was being held hostage.
i decide to scrap and start working on my anniversary gift for boipren. i am nearly halfway done and will post pictures once i've completed it.
the power came back a little after lunch and i immediately launched an satc marathon while working on the gift. it was only after going online did i find out that there was a storm and that a lot of people were killed, injured or lost. i do hope that things will settle and be better in the next few days and that as the storm ceases, the damage it has wrecked in its wake will be repaired.
but being held captive at home has also made me productive, i have managed to finish the lo below for the
teamgroovie challenge.
i still can't get good pictures of my los and boipren was being supportive and offered to take the picture below for me. i also managed to get a shot of the rak from
miss marian which i got last week through her niece mav who happened to be one of my friends at work. i was so touched when i got the package because aside from the stazon ink pad and a lovely set of papers, it came in a personalized package with my initial on it and a card from miss marian.
the lighting is also bad with this picture, it doesn't do justice to how lovely the stuff are. i will try to take better pictures, hopefully without resorting to buying an expensive camera. scrapbooking is an expensive hobby as it is, i don't want to get started on photography. anyway, i'm off to bed. i hope you have a lovely week. :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

lo's and raks

so my blog has been dormant for a while, things have been hectic at work. but the weekend is here and i have some new lo's and news to share. the first two are a continuation of my attempt to document my europe trip, this time it's amsterdam and luxembourg. the last one is my entry to the scrapdragon challenge #18. mine was based on vee's layout from challenge 4.

also, i finally got my rak from miss marj and miss lee. it felt like christmas when i came in for work last friday and saw all the goodies on my desk. my officemate's husband picked them up for me and i was laughing when my friend told me that it took him a while to tell her got the stuff. she said he tried to describe each one but in the end, he just said, "got the goodies". anyway, thanks miss marj and miss lee for the rak. i hope i can make something great out of them.

lastly, boipren's boss who was into quilling asked me one day about scrapbooking stores because everyone at work knew that i was so into scrapbooking. i gave her a list of all the stores and some blogs for inspiration. a few days later, her friend handed me a book on miniature quilling. i thought at first she was lending it to me but later i find out she was giving it to me. yes, the chocolate on the cover was made from paper quilling. this has been such an exhausting but great week and i have been blessed with so many people's generosity. anyway, enough with the stories and on to more scrapping. :)