Monday, March 9, 2009

in kobe again

flew in last night and will be back in manila on saturday. before i left i managed to wrap up some tasks, including finalizing our entourage and making cards for my girls asking them to be a part of my entourage.
i wanted to do something nice for my girls and to dabble in some diy. when i asked hubby if he wanted me to make something for his guys, there was this incredulous look on his face and he said, "no it's ok, i'll just text them."
every now and then when i would complete one stage of the project, i would turn to him and ask him if they looked good. he says they're pretty but we'll have to see if they're pretty enough to elicit a yes.
the next day when i was done, he asked, "when are you gonna give out your wedding achuchu?" since i am out of town, i've asked him to distribute them for me. anyway, here are some sneaks, i will post more pictures when the recipients get them. i wouldn't want to preempt anything.
anyway, that's about it for me. from rokko island, have a great week everyone.


Angie Hagist said...

These are pretty!! Thanks for playing along!

jacQ said...

i like these! :)