Sunday, March 29, 2009

coming up for air

this layout is an attempt to prove that midnight blue and coral pink works after a fledgling gay designer told me that my color scheme is not nice. i was actually very upset after he told me that so i decided to prove him wrong. i am not sure if it works though, i think it does. this layout is also an attempt to take a breather from a very stressful month at work. the prolonged absence of updates and posts is a testament to that i think. i was actually cutting and pasting while waiting for updates from an officemate. that's about it for me. back to work. enjoy the rest of the weekend. :)


Angie Hagist said...

I think the color combo is beautiful! Great job mixing papers, too! Thanks for playing along with us!

Crystal said...

oooh I think it works awesome! I read you comment on the cosmo cricket board and saw you like squirrels. I wanted to give a shout out to a fellow squirrel lover! :)
Color Bok has the friendly forest line with a cute little squirrel in it I had to have him!