Wednesday, June 25, 2008

injured and a new fan club

yesterday, i sustained a horrible wound on my right leg while walking near shang. i actually didn't notice that the wound was so big at first, i just felt a persistent stinging sensation. when a looked down, that's when i realized that it actually ran an entire 3-inch length. i told boipren it was no big deal but he insisted on taking me to the hospital to get it treated. we rushed to the nearest mercury drugstore where he bought some stuff to dress my wound. it was sweet actually, but i felt too queasy about the blood that i wanted to vomit. so after four hours, boipren running around the ortigas business district to buy the medicines and 3 injections later (i felt like a pin cushion afterwards), i was safe from tetanus for 20 months. 2 more shots in the next 2 months will make me immune for the next 5 years according to the doctor.
anyway, while we were looking at appliances yesterday, i caught a video they were showing in one of the tv's on display. i was so taken by the penguin that i googled him and with the power of technology, i am now a pororo convert. he is so adorable, 100% korean and totally unintelligible to me but i love him. :)i am getting my order of 300 pieces of paper tomorrow from the post office, i am so excited. night. :)

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