Sunday, June 22, 2008

after the storm

i woke up today with the wind howling outside and the raindrops pelting on my window. i thought it would be a perfect day to stay under the covers, pig out and have a series marathon. that is until i find out that there was a brownout which was confirmed after a phone call to the lobby guard who tells me that they don't know what time the power would be back. great. so i go back to sleep but only for a few more hours and i wake up, hungry but with nothing but junk food in my cupboard, the rain was getting harder and no one was delivering. i was being held hostage.
i decide to scrap and start working on my anniversary gift for boipren. i am nearly halfway done and will post pictures once i've completed it.
the power came back a little after lunch and i immediately launched an satc marathon while working on the gift. it was only after going online did i find out that there was a storm and that a lot of people were killed, injured or lost. i do hope that things will settle and be better in the next few days and that as the storm ceases, the damage it has wrecked in its wake will be repaired.
but being held captive at home has also made me productive, i have managed to finish the lo below for the
teamgroovie challenge.
i still can't get good pictures of my los and boipren was being supportive and offered to take the picture below for me. i also managed to get a shot of the rak from
miss marian which i got last week through her niece mav who happened to be one of my friends at work. i was so touched when i got the package because aside from the stazon ink pad and a lovely set of papers, it came in a personalized package with my initial on it and a card from miss marian.
the lighting is also bad with this picture, it doesn't do justice to how lovely the stuff are. i will try to take better pictures, hopefully without resorting to buying an expensive camera. scrapbooking is an expensive hobby as it is, i don't want to get started on photography. anyway, i'm off to bed. i hope you have a lovely week. :)

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