Saturday, June 14, 2008

lo's and raks

so my blog has been dormant for a while, things have been hectic at work. but the weekend is here and i have some new lo's and news to share. the first two are a continuation of my attempt to document my europe trip, this time it's amsterdam and luxembourg. the last one is my entry to the scrapdragon challenge #18. mine was based on vee's layout from challenge 4.

also, i finally got my rak from miss marj and miss lee. it felt like christmas when i came in for work last friday and saw all the goodies on my desk. my officemate's husband picked them up for me and i was laughing when my friend told me that it took him a while to tell her got the stuff. she said he tried to describe each one but in the end, he just said, "got the goodies". anyway, thanks miss marj and miss lee for the rak. i hope i can make something great out of them.

lastly, boipren's boss who was into quilling asked me one day about scrapbooking stores because everyone at work knew that i was so into scrapbooking. i gave her a list of all the stores and some blogs for inspiration. a few days later, her friend handed me a book on miniature quilling. i thought at first she was lending it to me but later i find out she was giving it to me. yes, the chocolate on the cover was made from paper quilling. this has been such an exhausting but great week and i have been blessed with so many people's generosity. anyway, enough with the stories and on to more scrapping. :)

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Benga said...

hi jeanie! tnx for joining scrapdragon challenge ;)