Monday, April 26, 2010

splendid is a state of mind

...and so is everything else. from the 7 habits seminar i attended a few years back, our instructor told us that we make our own weather. but the heat has been getting too intense to ignore.
i suspect that this heat has finally gotten to me and is causing me to have these headaches. it started yesterday around lunch but i dismissed it thinking i was just hungry. but even after eating, the headache persisted even until the movie. hubby and i went to watch kick-ass but i slept through about a quarter of it because the pain was unbearable. when we got home, i decided to take a nap and guess what? i woke up the next day!
up until this morning, my head was aching - yes i think i should go see a doctor. i found some advil in my purse and after about half an hour, the pain was gone.
i am a firm believer that pain makes one stronger and any sickness you have just develops your immune system. so i put off taking medicines unless i absolutely have to.
anyway, i am rambling when all i wanted to say was i have an lo i finished two weeks ago. i managed to complete 3 lo's + half of an album during the weekend so i am really thankful for all the creative energy i seem to be having (must be the heat?).
this lo is for creative scrappers' sketch #87. anyway, off to bed, i have an early day tomorrow. have a great week ahead everyone.

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