Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the early bird

gets to blog first? my body clock is messed up and i can't seem to get a proper night's sleep. i have to be early though to process some papers for a possible work trip abroad early next month. here's crossing my fingers that i get to complete the documents.
anyway, remember the class with my idol iris babao uy i told you about here? as promised, here are the layouts we were supposed to complete. i managed to finish less than half during the actual class and had to work on finishing the rest at home. i had so much fun in this class and i learned a lot of new techniques.
i can't wait for the next class this saturday. if you have a chance to take iris' class, i would strongly recommend it as aside from all the fantastic projects, iris is a wonderful teacher.
that's all for me, i have to start getting ready, it's a busy day ahead.

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jonaks said...

loved your take on Iris class jeanie!!! enjoy the class tom. I'll miss it.