Saturday, April 25, 2009

i believe...

that if you can afford to splurge on launch parties and scatter your logo across a beach, then you should leave me well enough alone with my well-deserved albeit insufficient compensation. and if you say that this is the only way to go about this, then i believe you either have to think of something better or let someone else do the job you can't. eitherway, i don't think i should take the burden for your lack of talent and creativity. and when i say no, i mean it. my response might not be firmly stated or does not include a long drawn-out explanation but my decisions and my choices are neither arbitrary nor tentative. so please, leave me alone. i do not need to reconsider. i do not need the opportunity to reevaluate the situation. i understand perfectly what's going on, all too well perhaps. more importantly, please don't mistake my smile for docility or compliance, this is my feeble attempt to conceal extreme annoyance before i finally snap. i told you i am no good when i am pissed off. back to regular programming that includes only nice world of scrapbooking :)

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