Sunday, April 12, 2009

fun random things

a non-scrapbook related post...yes, finally. i do have a couple of other things in my mind, i just prefer to dwell on the pleasant things like scrapbooking. anyway, just some random things that either made my heart skip a beat or got me laughing today...happy easter everyone. :)

1.) japanese masking tape

i got a box when i was in tokyo last time. who knew they would create a stir? clever ideas to use them here. if i had known, i would've gotten a ton of them.


i love them! i want to use them for the wedding - as centerpieces and even as giveaways. any idea if anyone makes them here in manila? it's like having your own mini garden. i am currently googling how to diy a terrarium.

3.) wrong cards
i know these are mean and politically incorrect but i couldn't help myself...more here.


Jacilynn said...

Great Jars! Love em all! Really beautiful projects. Thanks for stopping by, Love your blog.

Benga said...

hi jeanie thanks for dropping by, the tapes are all so pretty! and the jars are lovely, haven't tried it though but I remember we had one of those bigger versions when I was young, probably bought at plant shops