Sunday, December 28, 2008


we're back!wedding + honeymoon stories to follow. thank you to everyone who sent their greetings. so for the title. in one episode of friends, they were in dire need of being rescued so joey decided to create an sos flag. he figured since the rescuers were in mid-air and would not see the sign, he would have to spell help backwards. that's just me digressing.
in the meantime, we've finally settled on a flower + theme for the wedding. it's amazing how everything else is falling in place. anyway, i would like to ask for your help finding a better image of the one below. or any ideas how to turn this into a vector image (that is the term right?) so it won't warp or screw up when we play around with it. really would appreciate any help. i've posted a similar plea for help in our other blog. talk about desperate. thanks. :)

can you imagine the endless possibilities for these beauties? here are some sneaks. hope you had a joyful christmas and wishing you a blessed year ahead.

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