Sunday, January 4, 2009

it's a new year

...and back to reality too soon.
this is my first lo for the year for the december 30 adthis challenge. below is the ad to use as an inspiration plus we had to use some wrapping paper and a tag. i used the wrapping paper that my starbucks planner came in, the "begin grow flow" print was really apt for this project and i created my own tag. last year i kept berating myself for my lousy pictures and since i have yet to succeed with my digicam, i decided to tweak with photoshop(yes, i have recently rediscovered photoshop and i must say, i'll take software engineering over graphics design anytime). i just fixed the edges and the color contrasts and brightness. maybe after i'm done with the wedding invites, i can do more fancy stuff. maybe. anyway, i'm thinking about my resolutions for this year, will probably do a layout for it this week. anyway, i hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a blessed year ahead. have a great week ahead everyone.

p.s. i've been having trouble with my glue lately (won't keep things stuck or dries too fast even before i get to use it). i'm in dire need of good acid-free adhesives. in case you're in the same conundrum as me, you might want to check this giveaway from helmar.

and i have yet to sort and upload pictures from the ceremony and our honeymoon. here are some pictures from the ceremony, during christmas eve dinner in boracay and ricson and mabel's wedding (finally get to tick off my dream to be part of the entourage, bridesmaid and maid of honor dreams still to come). anyway, i told hubby (have to get used to saying this) that attending our friends' wedding made me excited about our own this year. now i am 75% convinced about the fancy wedding.


rowee said...

nice LO and color combo!

Au Lim said...

Congrats Jeanie! Newlywed ka pala! Goodluck on the new "career"! :-D Best Wishes to you both!

Lee i. said...

you were a very beautiful bride. can't wait to see more LOs. :-)