Sunday, December 14, 2008

countdowns and christmas

aack!4 more days before the wedding. can't wait to wrap-up work and complete all the wedding preps so i can finally fly to boracay for some rest and relaxation. can't even begin to imagine how crazy the preps will be next week. anyway, here are some things that brought a huge smile on our faces despite the global financial economic crisis.

well, this isn't actually mine but boipren (i think i'll have to adjust to calling him husband soon....yihee!) got this and wants us to both enjoy this. i am actually content with playing super mario or any of the free six games but he wants the more sophisticated and challenging ones. we actually went in the store at least thrice before we finally made the purchase. now, his next project is a flat-screen because he says my tv's resolution is not good enough. poor tv, it's one of the first purchase i made when i started working and has been with me for almost 6 years. we'll see. after this month, wedding stuff is the priority. e.t.a. on his way over, he calls and asks for the size of the detachable compartment for my scrapbook rack because he knew i needed a new one and he was in handyman. oh what a sweet guy. then later he calls and asks what i want for lunch. aww. i am blessed with such a great guy, i don't know what i did to deserve him. :)

one of boipren's christmas gifts for me. i insist it's for both of us but he says i'll probably end up using it more to print my pictures. i secretly suspect he is right. i think we actually got a good deal at 2000 bucks for a printer, scanner and copier in one machine. i really think all these stuff will force us to sleep and eat standing up.
asked a friend who was in singapore to pick up some stuff from made with love.

rekindled moments anniversary sale, got the scenic route cardstock at 50% off and the rest at 20-30% off.

i've been eyeing these prima pop-ups for a long time but couldn't find them here, was so happy to get them over ebay.

my raffle prizes, easter egg hunt prizes and white elephant gift during the ps-se christmas party. had so much fun.

an officemate who was in the us was well aware of my scrapbook obsession and picked up some of these chipboards during the thanksgiving sale.

megamall had one of their storewide sales and simple joys were offering these for 3 for 100.

was able to drop by the scrapbukan sale in enterprise and picked up some goodies for myself and as gifts for friends to entice them to get into scrapbooking. good deal i think at buy 3 take 2, they're still having another sale in the rockwell urban bazaar today. must not go there.

got these from twopeas and my friend was kind of enough to have them shipped to me. mostly k&co papers. al urban junque, some oa albums on sales and prima.

finally after months of waiting, my sc september kit arrived. was so excited to see the stamps.

scarlet was kind enough to slip this in because of the delay in shipping. isn't it nice of them?

a very generous rak from marix for being the first to submit during the kaya challenge she hosted. i'm loving everything especially the prima flowers. such a flower girl. :)


Gerritnow said...

Hey, I love your photos..they are really nice...

tnapay said...

these are all yummy goodies. :) best wishes to you both and a merry christmas too, jeanie. :)

Lee i. said...

oh wow. so yummy. merry christmas and happy honeymoon! relax, all will happen as planned.

Cookie Aguilar said...

wow!!! daming stuff!!!ganda!!! hoping to see you again soon!!! merry christmas!

scrapgurl said...

ang dameee! makes me feel better about my purchases. hehe!