Saturday, October 11, 2008

a great scrapping weekend

so i manage to finish my entry for kaya. i've been staring at it for days, trying to figure out if i should go for the minimalist approach or if i should go heavy on the embellishments. in the end, the bright colors won me over to go for the eclectic, cluttered look or in other words, makalat. i like putting in lots of things in a layout and have people find something new every time they look. i have to learn to work with less is more but for now, this is my finished lo.

also, i got all my ebay purchases this week and i felt like a kid during christmas opening all the packages. anyway, this will be my last splurge for a while. i promised boipren i will start seriouslys aving up for the wedding. it's a good exercise to help me stop hoarding and to start using most of the stuff i haven't used yet. anyway, i am off to another wedding fair in a while. have a great weekend everyone.


Benga said...

wow lovely LO! I really like it, pareho tayo I like embellishments, so many pretty things to see here pati un cutting mo ang tyaga! thanks for joining!

tnapay said...
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tnapay said...

hey productive. :) it's been a long time. heehee. you can distress your papers using the MM edge scraper. try to have fun with it. swoosh, swoosh lang. heehee. balitaan mo ako ha kung napano ang pagdidistress mo. :)

nice layout by the way. and ur loot. (it is always about the loot, hihi - kaka high noh?)

scrapgurl said...

I love this layout! It didn't look cluttered at all kaya!