Sunday, August 3, 2008

a perpetual student

so you think that after graduating, you can say goodbye to studying and learning? thankfully, for me, that is not the case. if i were so proud to think that i know everything i need to know, i would be in serious danger with such a myopic view of the world. but i believe college has given me about 10% of what i need to know to go along my life, the 90% i would still have to learn. what's with the long-winded intro (yes, this is a post with no lo to show so i am trying to divert your attention)? the past week has been a week of learning for me.
last tuesday and wednesday, i was fortunate to be able to attend the sap summit in shang for free (thanks to hewlett-pachard as the tag read). for my non-it friends, sap is the technology i am working with right now and the event is a gathering of all the movers and shakers of the it industry in the country, particularly for sap. i felt really smart listening to the speakers in the plenary and breakout sessions. being around the smart-looking people was also a plus! during the time we weren't in sessions, my friends and i would go around the various booths to join raffles and get the signatures for the big draw. no, all i have to show is one bag and almost half a dozen pens.

then, on thursday and friday, i attended the john maxwell training, developing the leader within you. this is the second time i attended a soft skill seminar, the first one was stephen covey's 7 habits a year ago. the points maxwell made were really practical and as some would say common sense (which is ironic because we realize common sense is not so common after all) but it was laid out more articulately and illustrated in a more organized manner. i had a major breakthrough which i will probably share when i feel the time is right (may ganun!).
yesterday, boipren and i attended a seminar on managing our finances organized by inquirer and citibank at aim. for 300 bucks, it was more than worth it to hear queena lee-chua (she used to be my ma22 teacher in ateneo which i passed!), chinkee tan (i actually couldn't believe he used to be a 70's star until he started cracking the jokes) and francis kong (he's really funny and insightful too). i thanked boipren for encouraging me to go (i was hesitant at first, these days my only inclinations are related to scrapbooking), he really has enriched my life by gently coaxing me to open up to fresh opportunities like this. yikes, cheesy.
then finally today, boipren and i had our first session with elder peping and tita liway. the purpose of the session will reveal itself in due time. naks, may ganun. it was a very interesting first meeting and well worth going to gcf at 1030 in the morning.
so that's about it for me. i hope i can get a decent break this week so i can take some time to scrap. i have so many new goodies i am excited to play with. have a great week ahead everyone.:)

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