Sunday, August 31, 2008

i take the lousiest photos

sometimes i feel bad for my los because they don't come out as good as they look in the pictures i take. sadly, the photography bug has not caught up with me yet so for now, this will have to do. i finished this lo for the design experiment challenge #24 which was to do an lo featuring an interview with someone. of course, i chose boipren as my interviewee. so many firsts for me in this lo.

1.) first time to work with shades of pink and orange. i noticed the lo's i've completed lately are in shades of green and blue.

2.) first time to ask someone else to do journaling. i wrote down the questions and asked boipren to write down his answers and he willingly obliged. obviously, he supports me with my scrapbooking madness and his answers are not bad (they're really good, it made me feel giddy).i will post his answers later. :)

3.) first time to go acid free all the way. even the glue i was using was acid-free. does this mean this lo will last longer than the others?

4.) first time to work with owls. how could i not have noticed before that they were so cute?

5.) first time to use adhesive glue and glitter. not bad for my first attempt, although i can't say the same for my glitter-ridden body. :)

p.s. boipren was reading over my shoulder while i was typing the entry and he asks, you still refer to me as boipren? as per request, from now on, i will be referring to him as fianshey in future posts.


waraijj said...

uy! congrats!! good luck sa wedding preparations! very nice art work ha. :D good writer and artist pa! ;D keep it up!!

Sasha said...

this is beautiful

scrapgurl said...

wow fianshey na! congrats!

Anonymous said...

wow! is that a love letter handwritten by gian? that's so sweet!!! :D - ria