Monday, August 25, 2008

and the answer is yes!

i attended the ps eb last saturday and i had so much fun. cabbie did a session on atc and atc tin can and au shared some photoshop tricks. i promise to upload pictures soon. during the past week, i was able to complete some lo's as well for the memory lane store and scrap sister challenge. finally, i can put the europe project to rest. :)

journalling: I want to go back here some day. I feel I have so much to see and so much to do.

journalling: who knew...that they could talk about anything to each other? that they would have the occasional brunch or dinner, just the two of them? that he'd finally have the courage to tell her how he felt? that she'd make the best decision in her life when she said yes? not two bad for two people who started out as...just friends.

in other news, here are the newest additions to our ever-growing family, err, zoo. have a nice week ahead everyone. :)

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Zoa said...

great pages!!! thanks so much for entering the MME contest on my blog!! good luck! :)