Sunday, March 28, 2010

mojo overload

so my mojo has taken a leave for a month and has decided to return (and return with a vengeance it did) last week. i managed to complete 3 los (that is a record for me) and a card last week. the first lo was from the class i attended taught by no less than iris uy. come to think of it, maybe the mojo jumpstart was from attending her class? if that is true, i am happy i was able to sign up for 3 more of her classes from may-july.
i have to take a picture of the last lo i finished in less than 3 hours - probably the fastest i scrapped outside a competition. and did i mention i used scraps for this, except for the base cardstock? anyway, i am off to try to complete more cards and probably an lo. who knows, i might get lucky right? have a great week ahead everyone.

scrapbook deals 4u's scrappy anniversary challenge #4

scrapbook deals 4u's scrappy anniversary challenge #5

natasja is doing a giveaway here.

pamela continues with her week-long raks. do drop by her blog to check out her great projects and of course, her fabulous raks.

day 5 - unity stamp

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jonaks said...

loved the stamps you used in your first LO!!! you have been busy scrapping your wedding photos. loved all your pages here. see you in May 8 sa class ni Iris.