Friday, September 4, 2009

the idol journey

i know it has been a while since i posted in this blog and might be a while before i post again. i've been preoccupied with scrappin moms' idol season 3. and afterwards, i will have to focus on our wedding preparations. it was my first time to join and i honestly expected/hoped to last only un til the 3rd round. so imagine my surprise when made it to the finals.
the finals was the same day as hubby's birthday but he was kind enough to let me go and let me shop. i didn't win but i learned so much and made some good friends along the way so i say, i'm still a winner in that sense. congratulations to all those who joined and the winners, as well as to scrappin moms for pulling this off. i don't know how they do it year in, year out. so anyway, i am sharing the layouts and an album i completed for the whole adventure. this post is a bit picture-heavy. anyway, that's it for me. have to get back to our invites now. happy long weekend ahead everyone.


LG said...

Hi sister! Again, congratulations sa ating lahat. I am so happy that i finally met you in person last august 29. For sure we will be good friends.

Sa uulitin

Lee i. said...

you did great, jeanie. congratulations. next year ulit!