Friday, May 16, 2008

tagged and the day after

so i completed the exam in an hour, 2 hours ahead of our allotted time. by the time i finished, i was too nervous to stay and wait for the time to expire so i clicked the button to complete and voila! i am certified!
today, now that all the exam mania has worn off, i can't wait for scrapfest so i am organizing my list of things to pack for tomorrow. in the meantime, i've been tagged by cabbie, one of my scrapping idols. i am amazed at how much she gets done and how lovely the things she makes are.

  • link back to the person that tagged you. - done
  • post these rules on your blog. - done
  • share six unimportant things about yourself. - done
  1. i organize the clothes in my closet according to color
  2. i only learned how babies are really made when i was in 3rd year highschool
  3. i am geographically-challenged...i can live in a place for years and still get lost
  4. i get some of my clothes from the children's section - and it's not even the largest size
  5. i used to write poetry and essays and i hope i have time to do that again
  6. i don't know how to swim, drive or ride a bike
  • tag six people at the end of your entry. - done(?)

since this is a fairly new blog, this is a good chance for me to get to know people more. if you happen to read this and you'd want to join, i would really appreciate it.

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carlsantos said...

This is me, pretending to be your friend :P, saying congratulations.