Sunday, May 25, 2008

ahlabyu sabado!

boipren and i went to moa yesterday to catch the fireworks display. we were only able to watch half of the show as we had late tickets for indiana jones. so while the opening credits of the movie were rolling in, we could hear the series of explosions outside. earlier, i went to lasting impressions to accompany a friend who was new to scrapbooking. i told myself i had all the stuff i need and i would just help her pick out some stuff but i ended up buying stuff for myself! i got mostly plain cardstock in various shapes. i should really start to scrap more and shop less. while i was in moa, i dropped by booksale and i found some really cheap scrapbook magazines - i got ck hof volume 9 for 100 bucks! i also got two other magazines for the same price or less. when i found extra copies, i got some for my friend as well. there were other craft and stamping magazines but i told myself i have to stick to the scrapbook budget. anyway, if you happen to be in the area, you might want to check out their collection, they even have ck 2007 issues for 25 bucks!

anyway, i intend to spend the rest of the day finishing some of the los i started before the weekend is over. i will try to post some of my finished los next week. :)

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