Thursday, July 2, 2009

here's two us

two years later and i still can't stand to be apart from hubby for more than a day. two weeks - this is the longest time we've been apart and right during our second year anniversary. what can i say about my husband except that he is a blessing i am grateful for everyday. he has never asked me to be anything or anyone but myself and that unconditional acceptance has made me want to be an even better person. if i am any kinder, more patient, more understanding or more generous, it is merely because i have husband who has been all that to me and more. any difficulties and challenges that i have overcome, it is partly because i have husband who has always been there to support and encourage me especially when i am on the brink of giving up. all triumphs and milestones that i have accomplished, it is partly because i have a husband who has always believed in me more than i do myself. i say partly because i because i believe everything i am and i have i owe to a God who has been so good to here's to my husband and the rest of our lives together.

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