Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the earliest bird...

...gets the worm but not the sleep?

it's almost 4 am and i still couldn't sleep. i've been tossing and turning i can feel a headache on its way with my name on it. anyway,
here's something that brought a dorky smile on my silly face. i do hope you get to drop by the blog - join a challenge, pick up a tip or share your thoughts.

in case you've been bitten by the yuletide bug and you're itching to share some of that cheer, i came across this invite from marix for the southern cross kids camp 2009 memory books campaign. according to julie's post, the camp in 2007 included 35 neglected, often abused and at risk children and her task was to help create memory books for the kids during this holiday week. the response was amazing and this year, they're launching a campaign to create 6300 base pages that will cover the needs of all 9 camps in australia and new zealand. they also accept help in the form of old scrapbook stash. please feel free to drop by julie's blog or drop her an email if you have questions or if you are interested to help out. time for me to catch up on some sleep. a couple of hours should do me good. :)


Benga said...

thanks for your support jeanie!
got your email, galing! congratulations on being sister of the week!

tnapay said...

hi jeanie, saw their site and your interview. kewl! :)