Saturday, July 19, 2008

one more before i go

i started this album for my friends benj and masang after attending rekindled moments' anniversary last saturday. the very talented cookie was teaching us about making a mini-album. i wasn't able to start during the actual session but i promised to start at home. they got married last january and i really liked the pictures from their prenup. i hope they like it. :) anyway, i'm still waiting for my sc kit to arrive, i hope it gets here soon. i'm off to helen's for some shopping and then dark knight in imax as per boipren's request. have a great weekend everyone.

one last thing before i go, my idol cabbie tagged me and here are my answers. :)

1. what age was your best birthday (so far) & why?my 25th birthday this year! it was my first birthday with boipren and he surprised me with a jollibee kiddie party!yes, i love jollibee.

2. what was the worst? i don't remember. eversince my last birthday, all the bad things in the past are forgotten.

3. what is the best present you have ever received?a bag filled with scrapbook loot from my friends at work. scrapbook geek all the way.

4. what was the weirdest? i don't remember. i think i have a boring life.

5. where would you most like to spend your birthday? in paris with boipren.

6. what is your zodiac sign? aquarius.

7. chinese year? pig.oink oink.

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Beverley Todd said...

Lol! Great album! Thanks for joining in my birthday Tag over at as part of my 40th birthday celebrations!
Don't forget to tag you 5 friends too ... they still have 4 more days to join in & play